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What We Do.

The NEW Creator's Workshop is a member-supported, shared-use creative space providing access to equipment, workspace, expertise, & community.  Our purpose is to amplify Chewelah's innate creative energy, to make creative exploration accessible to everyone, and to grow a creative economy. We'll do this by providing members affordable access to creative work space, equipment, and education. 

COVID-19 Considerations

We're gearing up to start scheduling small-group, safe programming in the fall! There will once again be regular events & activities, venue rentals, workshops, and art parties. For everyone's safety, we will keep group sizes small and require everyone to wear a mask while in the building regardless of vaccination status.

Open Studio will remain closed for now, but members can schedule studio time for themselves, their families, or a small group of friends. We want to encourage you to come in to work on your projects or just take some time for some creative exploration.

Use the links below to reserve time. If you're not a member yet, you can join here. You're welcome to bring others, but we require masks for any groups that don't live in the same household. 

Thank you so much for your cooperation & support during these crazy times!!

About Our Space

The NEW Creator's Workshop is a member supported, makerspace with a mission of fostering creative entrepreneurship, exploration, and innovation through education, creativity and technology.

We're located in the heart of the official Chewelah Creative District as recognized by the State of Washington Arts Commission. 

The Workshop is operated by Chewelah Makers. 

Creative Exploration

It's expensive to buy everything you need to try your hand at, say, sewing. What if you spend all of that money and hate it? If you don't sew, how do you know what to buy? Also, when you buy the wrong things & try to learn from YouTube, you're more likely to get frustrated & decide sewing isn't for you. Or you might realize you just don't have the room to set it all up. Or maybe the kids disappeared the good scissors again, and the dog chewed up your fabric stash.

The Workshop will be a respite from the chaos and a place to explore new arts, materials, equipment, and even new income opportunities.

Creative Community

Chewelah is already a creative community filled with amazing talent, innovation, ideas, and energy. Our goal is for the Workshop to help amplify that creative energy.

Creativity creates creativity! There's a tangible, catalytic effect of working in a co-located, shared space:

  • New ideas are conceived
  • Collaborations naturally evolve
  • Community among artists is strengthened
  • New artists are supported
  • Chewelah's artists can develop their true potential
  • New art-making skills are learned & existing skills are enhanced
  • Obstacles to accessing art-making equipment, space & supplies are overcome

Beyond the benefits of creating together, the Workshop will host a variety of regular meetups & events for members. 

Creative Economy

"The maker movement is the platform for today’s artisans to create, craft, and develop leading ideas and products. The meteoric growth of micro-manufacturers and online platforms like Etsy demonstrates how strongly the movement has taken root." (so says FastCompany)

Economic challenges abound in rural Eastern Washington. Large-scale manufacturing is no longer sustainable or reliable in this global economy. But local economies across the world are growing stronger due to individual creators turning their passion and ideas into income and jobs. 

Creative Future

For the young people entering this evolving economy, the corporate ladder has been replaced with a maze. Future-proof, marketable skills include iterative thinking, creative thinking, & critical thinking. It's important to know how to pivot, how to revise, & how to solve complex problems creatively. Rural areas can be reborn with a maker mindset and a makerspace is exactly the place to develop it.