Something for Everyone.

At the New Creator's Workshop we host several kinds of activities to encourage you to dive into something new or hangout with amazing people. 

Just Begin Workshops are a great, low-risk way to try something brand new. No prior knowledge or skills are necessary. Our instructors will start from the very beginning.

Classes are more in-depth explorations. Classes are taught by local artists, artisans, & creatives. They may meet once, daily for a few days, or weekly for several weeks. 

Community Programs are open to the entire community & provide a variety of ways to get creative and to connect with like-minded people.

Kid Friendly & Ideal for Teen Programs are all about hands-on creativity. From messy art projects to techie STEM activities, these programs are designed to engage at every age.

A Word About Pricing

Most programs are free because we don't want the price to keep anyone from being able to participate. If you're able to make a donation when attending these events, it helps us keep making programming available & accessible for everyone.

Some classes & programs have limited space.
If you see "registration required," click on the course name to register! All other programs are open to everyone, no registration is required.

Prices are suggestions. Really. If you see a price next to an event, that is the recommended donation. Just like our membership fees, if you need to pay less (or nothing), you can do that. If you would like to pay double to pay-it-forward, you can do that too. You can make your donation at the registration desk when you arrive for the event. If you're paying the recommended price, you can even pay online.