Teach at the Workshop

We are currently seeking artists, artisans, crafters, & hobbyists to teach classes & workshops at the NEW Creators' Workshop. We have a beautiful, 1,000 sqft facility, 2 rooms, a 65" TV for presentations, workbenches, desks, and even a few supplies. We  can accommodate any number of learning configurations.

Instructors set the course fees & keep 60% of the fees collected.

How it works

Tell us what you want to teach

Work with us to set the price & schedule

We'll promote your class on our site & social media

You agree to also promote the site to your peeps

People can register and pay on our site

After the class, we'll pay you 60% of all fees

The following are examples of workshops we would love to host, and we are always interested to hear your ideas too!

Arts & Crafts

  • Canvas painting, watercolors, & other painting styles
  • Clay sculpture, pottery, & other clay workshops
  • Illustration, figure drawing, hand-lettering, & animation
  • Fiber arts including sewing, knitting, crochet, macrame, embroidery, quilting, cosplay club, cross-stitch, weaving...all of it.
  • Jewelry making, beading, and the like
  • Paper sculpture, origami, papier-mache

Tech & Electrical

  • Intro to circuit building

  • How to solder

  • Robotics, LEGO & otherwise

  • Coding intro & advanced

  • Arduino, Raspberry Pi programming

Random Creativity

  • Puppet design, building, puppetry 
  • Dungeons & Dragons Class for Noobs
  • Photography & filmmaking
  • Film crew jobs, video & sound editing
  • Screenwriting & storyboarding
  • Writing workshops for novels and non-fiction
  • Self-publishing & book promotion
  • Creative journaling
  • Film studies & analysis
  • Video game, board game, & table top game design

For Kids

  • After school STEAM 
  • A host for art parties
  • Intro to code & robotics
  • Makey-makey & squishy circuits
  • Summer & winter programs
  • Homeschooling programs