Volunteer Here!

Chewelah Makers has big, audacious plans for the NEW Creators' Workshop. To see those plans come to life, we need a crack team of like-mind crazy people. If you're reading this, I'm pretty sure that describes you.

So let's look at some of the fun ways a person (like you) could volunteer at the Workshop.

Mind the Shop

Mind the Shop (MTS) volunteers commit to a four hour shift each week. You can choose any shift you want. MTS' welcome members as they come in, show new visitors the ropes, learn the ins & outs of run the workshop, prep for upcoming events, and maybe post a photo here & there to the Facebook page. It's all pretty chill.  You'll also serve as a resource for anyone needing advice or guidance with a project.

Sometimes our members just need someone to talk to with, think through an idea out loud, and have someone listen. Volunteering as an MTS is a great way to help this amazing community, connect with awesome people, and chill in a space where exciting things will be happening all the time.

Event Volunteers

We want to be a catalyst for a booming creative economy where people earn a living doing work they love & teenagers are excited to build a life for themselves right here in town.

Every time we put a paintbrush in someone's hand for the first time, introduce someone to a new fandom, or put creative people in a room together, we believe we're seeding the opportunities that will grow that creative economy. 

This is why we offer community programs  that are open to everyone at no (or low) cost.

As a event volunteer, you'll arrive early to set up, play a crucial role by running the event — this could be welcoming participants, hosting an activity, or keeping the craft materials flowing — then you'll stay afterward to help reset the workshop for the next event. 

We'd love to pair event volunteers with events they're already excited about. We could even create an event together that you could then volunteer to run. 

Kids Programs & Parties

We'd like to fill our day time calendar with some fun events for toddlers and afterschool programs for kids. From slime to salt dough,  coding to card-making, and blanket forts to beatboxing, we need volunteers who love  leading purposeful playtime with the youngest wizards helping them develop iterative design skills, creative problem solving, & critical thinking. 

We'll also soon be offering party packages for kids (and kids at heart). So we'll need some volunteers to help us create lasting memories.

So much more!

There's so much to be done at the Workshop that we know there's a place for you here! When you attend a volunteer orientation, we'd love to hear what you geek out over and what you're passionate about — social media, office work, organizing craft supplies, using the label maker, spreading the word on the street about upcoming events, hosting special programs, or probably 1000 things we would never think of.

Let's get the party started!

It all starts here. Fill out this form so we can remind you of our next Volunteer Orientation. They're every 2nd Sunday at 12:30pm. And save some time after because our monthly Family Potluck starts right after that at 2pm!